About Saber Invest

Meet Saberian Younger
CEO, Globerian Financial Group LLC

Be brave when everyone else is fearful. This is a mantra Saberian “Sabe” Younger lives by, and it’s demonstrated in his personal and professional backgrounds.

Sabe spent nearly 15 years serving on the frontlines as an EMS Paramedic. The situations he encountered in the line of duty fueled his appreciation for how quickly things can change. He’s seen how at one moment, you’re living life to the fullest…and in the next, you’re rendered incapable of providing for yourself and your family.

This startling realization drove Sabe’s interest in personal finance, propelling him to explore everything from day trading to real estate to insurance and other investment vehicles. Over the last decade and a half, he’s built enduring wealth that sustains him today and will leave a legacy for his family tomorrow.

In a true leap of faith, Sabe began his real estate investment career shortly after the market crash of 2007-08. He gradually accumulated residential buy/hold real estate over the next decade and began managing his own and others’ short-term property rentals in Central Texas. Sabe formed Globerian Financial Group LLC in 2020, expanding his focus from real estate and property management to other investment services.

Sabe prides himself on being a life-long learner, an innovator, and an entrepreneur—he’s dedicated himself to fighting for every inch of upward mobility. His strong sense of duty and commitment to giving back is the values that built the Globerian Financial Group. Sabe wants to share his knowledge and experience to help others overcome their fears and take charge of their financial well-being.

Today, Sabe and Globerian Financial Group specialize in helping investors—both large and small—build and manage their wealth through a broad scope of products and services. Learn more about all the ways Globerian Financial Group LLC can help you.