Case Studies

When we were at Concordia University Titha was the man and he’s been the man ever since. I’m THE MAN NOW HOMEBOY! HAHAHAHA $7000.00 trade this morning that’s what’s up. I was down $4000.00 and it pushed out with a stop loss. Very sad, down over $4000.00 unable to get revenge on my old college roomie calling my posts fake news hahaha hahaha. But low and behold before lunch with the $7000.00 trade I was able to walk on that ticker up $2804.00. Also, please ignore all of my tech stocks I don’t trade Amazon, Appl, GOOG, GOOG, MICROSOFT. They just sit there and lose $20,000.00 daily on their own without my help. But if they don’t start acting right I’ll sell them too then start aiming for $50,000.00 days. What’s up!